top 5 bizarre underwater hotels across the world

If you are a keen traveler who has almost trekked the entire world but has no interest in exploring their new entities then there are likely chances that you are not an actual traveler! Water ships were replaced by airplanes, telephones are replaced by cell phones and now finally roadside hotels have been replaced by underwater hotels!

Hotels and restaurants on the roadside have become very mainstream. To enhance tourism and economy of the country, the authorities always come up with some innovative ideas out of which underwater restaurants being one. It one of the highest running and successful business across the world. On an average the country’s economy is said to be raised by millions because of the underwater project.

Travel bloggers have always kept covering food specialties on their top list but they normally neglect the new things launched. This commentary will discuss about some really famous and breathtaking underwater hotels you should never miss going.

#05 The Jules’ Undersea Lodge

This is the only underwater hotel in the entire America. Initially it was used as a research laboratory but due to its unique underwater facility.

You directly enter the lodge by scuba diving only, the staff will teach how to dive in case you are a new visitor.

You might be thinking as to how can you manage to breath in the water, so note that, compressed air is continuously pumped throughout the lodge. Don’t worry if you are bored after sometime because internet facility is highly commendable there.

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