Top 10 World’s Cheapest Airlines of 2019

Traveling is a way of life for many among us and it is the duty for those who consider it a way of life to make it better. There are many modes of travel available, some people prefer traveling by road and enjoying each and every bit of it while some other opt to travel by train which is also the probably the safest mode of travel. Well, both the modes have their advantages and disadvantages. It is onto you people to make a clear choice. There are many people in the world who prefer the fastest mode of travel, traveling by air. Now, it’s your choice to opt out for suitable airline. Some people go for it by considering cost which is OK. But they should keep one thing in mind that a low price doesn’t always mean poor quality.

If you are looking to move long distances, on low-cost flights, we present you a list of airlines that are the best in the world in low-cost category according to the leading consumer aviation website Skytrax. So, here goes the list….

10. Ryanair

Ryanair is a popular airline in the world despite being low cost. It has been always in the news for one reason or the other. It is a low cost Irish airline with headquarters at Dublin. It was founded in 1984 and has been recently awarded as one of the best cheapest airlines in the world. The reason behind this is its incredible price. It just charges you an amazing price of $96 for an entire trip for more than 190 destinations it covers. It doesn’t mean there will be compromise on comfort. You will better tell when you travel by it.

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