Top 10 Tourists Attractions in Prague

Prague has been commonly called as “City of a thousand spires” and rightly so. For instance, this city has over an 1100 year old skyline along with splendid views of lovely domed churches and soaring old towers adding to its beauty. All these things combine make this city a true architectural gem. Everywhere you look; fine examples of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau styles dot the city, providing a dramatic contrast to the sturdy old Prague Castle. Prague has one of the best preserved historic centers in Europe. The narrow laneways of Prague’s delightful Old Town open up onto spectacular squares, each home to well-preserved historical buildings just waiting to be explored. This city with its many historic churches like Jewish Quarter and Charles Bridge over Vltava River is definitely amongst the popular tourist attractions in the world.

Discover the best places to visit in this enchanting city with our list of the top attractions in Prague. So, here goes the list….

10. The Municipal House

Have you ever heard about Art Nouveau? Well, the Prague Municipal House is widely considered to be the best example of this art. This house was built in 1912 which is also the home to the city’s one of the most popular concert venues. This splendid civic building has Smetana Hall, and boasts numerous striking features, from its sumptuous façade with a large mural on the arch above the second floor balcony, to the large dome that rests behind and above the arch. The interior is also designed to be the best with many finely stained glass windows and paintings. There are boutiques and shops available in this civic center as well.

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