Top 10 Tourist Places in Paris

Paris is a destination of romance which is the reason why newlywed couples from all over the world go there for honeymoon. The romance is actually in the air of Paris. It doesn’t mean this is go to place for couples only, even if you are going there for recreational purpose still it won’t disappoint you. This is why the tourists from every part of the world are found in this beautiful city. Paris is one of those destinations which can be visited again and again in your life and still you would not feel bored. In fact visiting Paris once isn’t enough at all. This city has many tourist attractions and always full of visitors. The city is also an open-air museum, full of art, which offers countless tourists places to visit and corners to get lost.

There are some sites in Paris which stands out. These are the sites you should not miss at all if you go to Paris. Here have a look at these sites and plan your next trip here accordingly.

10. Palace of Versailles

England and Scotland are famous for their palaces and castles but Paris isn’t left behind in this regard. The Palace of Versailles is actually one of the most visited tourist place in France. It is also a declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This palace is popular not only because of its architecture, but it constitutes an important part of the French History. Once you are there in this palace, it fills you up with culture and history, not only that, it also allows you to enjoy nature while walking around its gardens. The whole palace cannot be covered up in one visit, you have to go there atleast twice to fully visit it.

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