Top 10 Spectacular Railway Stations in the World

Train travelling has its own merits and demerits. To many people in the world, it is the most spectacular mode of transportation. Train journey is not only fast and efficient but is the most economic as well. It also gives the travelers an opportunity to admire the wonders of the world. There was a time when trains were the most preferred source of journey anywhere in the world and so were the innovations related to the railways. When the time of travel revolutionizing arrived and passengers were needed to be impressed, spectacular and amazing railway stations came into existence designed by magnificent architects. Railways were once at the forefront of innovation that prompted the monarchs and city planners to build such railway stations.

Most of the railway stations were built in 19th century which marked as golden era for trains. From lavish Beaux-Arts stations to ultra-modern masterpieces, here are the 10 most amazing railway stations from around the world.

10. St. Pancras Station, UK

This railway station was once a hallmark when it was built. It was the largest enclosed space in the world when it was built in 1868. It took 20 years to build that magnificent structure carved with gothic redbrick façade. This station has 15 platforms along with a great shopping center and a bus station. Still, it is considered as a hallmark. There was a time back in 1960s when the station was under threat of being closed as it was considered superfluous. Thanks to the fans that saved this little gem and had it renovated. It is a central London railway terminus. It is located between British Library, King’s cross station and The Regent’s Canal. It was again renovated in 2001 when 300,000 pounds of dirt was removed.

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