Top 10 places for a destination wedding

Every person desires to have a wedding of their dreams. Believe it or not it’s true that the marriages are made in heavens but are celebrated on earth. For the sake of a big fat and memorable wedding every individual wants a venue which leaves a great impact on the guests.

If you consider today’s wedding where ballrooms, halls and marques are quite old and obnoxious, destination weddings have taken over.

If you are a kind of person who also favors destination wedding and is looking for the best places across the globe then keep reading below.



India is well all know for the city which never sleeps. Jaipur a state in India has always been a sight of the attraction. Most of the elite class of Indians celebrate their wedding in Jaipur. The serene beauty is nonetheless a fatal attraction for all. The historical wedding decorations is a sight to remember and will take you to the past.

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