Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains in the World

Fountains have a quality in them that they gather the attention of every visitor which looks at them. They have the quality to enlighten the whole arena and atmosphere which is why people love them. They are a part of every culture in this world. They have remained a basic architectural element of almost every civilization. They are the central attraction and attention getters anywhere you go. They have an architectural element of gardens, squares, and symbolic place of cities. The fountains embellish and highlight the beauty of the areas with their decoration and constitute in themselves an attraction for tourists who visit them. Most importantly, they provide the world with another great aspect of tourist attractions.

Here we have gathered a list for all the fountain lovers that will tell you about the best fountains in the world and where they are. So, Let’s take a look a which are the 10 most expensive fountains in the world.

10. Buckingham Fountain

Every one of us has heard about the Buckingham Palace, but this is the Buckingham Fountain we are talking about. It is a major tourist attraction located in Chicago, US. It was installed in 1927 for a construction cost of $750,000. This fountain is built in the style of a wedding cake. It was built with spectacular pink marble tiles from Georgia. It is also one of the largest fountains in the world. This fountain is famous for its water and light shows and four statues of sea horses which symbolize four states of the US surrounding Lake Michigan.

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