Top 10 largest shopping malls in the world.

Are you a shopaholic person and is always updated with all the sale alerts? Are you an outgoing person who is always ready to attain a luxurious lifestyle?
If yes,
Then below are some of the largest malls across the globe with a couple of interesting facts unrevealed you should never miss if you are a shopping spree lover!

#1 The New South China Mall

This mall is located in the south of China basically in Dongguan. It is said to be the world’s largest mall. The reason it being largest is due to its gross covered area which is 6.46 million square feet. It was launched in 2005 but since then the mall did not have enough occupants. The reason being so is because Dongguan itself is a very small city bearing very low income migrant laborers.
The retail space is empty therefore, it does not attracts many of the customers. Surprisingly it is called as ‘’the ghost mall’’ because it remains empty most of the time. So, travelers if you are one who likes to explore haunted areas then the New South China Mall is perfect!

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