Top 10 Best US Tourist Attractions You Need to Visit in 2019

US is the country of dreams. Many in this world have only one dream which is to visit the US. US is a vast country which is full of tourist attractions. There you will find high cliffs, desert areas, beautiful coastal regions and plains as well. So it is a diverse country full of visitors any time of year. From natural wonders to captivating coastlines and up-and-coming cities, these destinations promise big things this year. It is a country that has inspired mankind in every field. There are many people in the world who wish to visit this mighty land but denied the visa. These are the destinations most often cited as the places to see before you die, another version of saying they should be on your bucket list, and offbeat and trendy spots are not included here.

With so many tourists’ spots in the US, it is tempting to narrow down the list but we have tried our best. Have a look at the list and plan your next vacation accordingly.

10. National Mall and Memorial Parks

This place is commonly known as National Capital Parks-Central. This whole area consists of almost 1000-plus acres with National Mall and Memorial Parks in it. It is an administrative Unit of the National Park Service encompassing many of the country’s landmarks. There are memorials of Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson and also the memorials of the Korean and Vietnam War. This entire place has no entry fee so you can anywhere you want without expenditure. This is a great place for you if you want to enjoy the sights, exercise outdoor, or broaden your mind. There are 19 museums waiting for you.

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