Top 10 Best Beaches in Caribbean

The beaches are about fun and enjoyment wherever they are on the planet. When you come across the word ‘beach’, it always makes you think about translucent turquoise waters, radiant sands, rustling palms, and other fantasies that most likely come true. Now, where you find the most beautiful beaches in the world? Surely, the Caribbean is a place that has the most beautiful beaches on this planet. It offers the islands like the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Anguilla, and Aruba to name a few. Some of them are famous for their perfect beaches while some of them offer access to the world class all-inclusive resorts. From seductive crescents of dazzling white sand and blue sea backed by lush jungles to sublime slices of reef-fringed shore, you’ll find the perfect stretch of sand to live out your tropical dream in this list of the Caribbean’s best beaches.

Here we are to make you people aware about the best beaches in Caribbean you should ever miss. Let’s check them out….

10. Saline Beach, St. Barts

St.Barts is a paradise for seclusion seeking travelers for its relaxed charm and heavenly beaches. The best beach here on this island is Saline Beach. If you think that it’s a little off the beaten track, which only adds to its appeal. If you wish to reach here, you park your vehicle and hike over a hill and through the sand dunes towards the beach. This beach is completely washed by a translucent turquoise beach. This place is a love spot for swimming but be sure to avoid it on windy day as it can get tough. Don’t forget to bring your own umbrella as there are no shades and other facilities on this beach.

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