Top 11 amazing city Islands of the world

In the long run of today every other person is either stressed or depressed. Every individual requires a peace of mind and some time for relaxation. Travelling itself doesn’t means just to roam about but instead a means of comfort for the soul and something to unwind all that which occupies your mind.

Moreover, the high competition between urban cities have left people lost.

If you wish to relax and want to release your burden off then there are a couple of City Islands that you must visit.

#01 Lübeck, Germany



One of the finest city islands in history. It marks as a dazzling place for peace lovers. You can listen to the water waves so precisely that you can actually record them too!

The reason it being historically remarkable is because of the brick gothic architecture.

Foodies will always get their way here because lubeck is famous for its marzipan industry. Marzipan refers to bread! It is the place where bread originated from.

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