10 Best Tips To Survive a Long Haul Flight

Long haul flights, some people love them, while others loathe them but long flights should not have to be something to be dreaded. You can actually enjoy the flight time if you plan ahead and prepare your air time properly as you prepare your travel itinerary.

What to do on a long flight? What if your in flight entertainment is not working or you’ve no Wi-Fi connection available on your 8 hour long flight? What you will do in such hectic state? Sounds depressing? While being into the mid of the long haul flight; few creative things to do on a plane, with a little forethought can save you from misery and making it comfortable and delightful feel to fly by.

These Long haul flight tips will add up pleasure to your flight also these budget friendly tricks will help you on to how to survive long flights in economy. Let’s take a look of my carry on essentials picks that will turn your boring Long haul flights into ultimate exciting.

10.  Binge Watch a TV Show or Film:long haul flight

Possibly the most general forms of entertainment during flights is film and TV. Some airlines do offer a great selection of in-flight entertainment and you can easily get yourself a 2 hour distraction. Options are endless, you can also download a movie or TV show of your interest to your iPad or laptop which you wanted to watch but couldn’t get time at home. For better experience, we recommend you to bring a tiny bag of pretzels too so you can enjoy fully.

9.  Capture the Visions:long haul flight

On first plane journey, everyone captures the photo out of the window but travelers who start travelling frequently stop doing so. Do you know some of the best views come from a bird’s eye view? Hence planes are the perfect place to get that perfect shot for your Instagram feed. As you get the perfect composition and exposure, while away your time by clicking above the clouds sunsets, landmarks and the mountains in the distance. There are quite a lot of amazing photos you can take on your journey to create a memorabilia, then spend time editing the shots.

8.  Read a Book:long haul flight

You might think isn’t it obvious right? By far the most favorite and mainstream form of entertainment is reading a book or newspaper. This makes the flight time pass the quickest because you get so absorbed in the story that you can’t put it down, hence, you lose track of the time. So, carry a book of interest with yourself or you can even download it for free from Amazon to your Kindle. So pack a great book you would love to read and your flight will feel much shorter.

7.  Go Creative:

On long haul flights you actually need to unwind yet keep yourself busy at the same time, so you must consider doing some crafts. Art is also a great way to de-stress so, pack an adult coloring book (all the rage now) and colors or hey, you can even knit yourself a warm, cozy hat. Moreover, you can also make a flip book on your sticky notes.

6.  Learn New Language:

long haul flight

Before your flight, download language applications like Babel and Duo lingo that are quite fun and interactive. Doing so, you will get to learn a new language by taking advantage of the time you’ll have on the plane. Try to learn the language or a few phrases of the country you are visiting before you land so you can connect with the locals in their language. It will worth it and that way you will likely to get more out of your trip.

5.  Pen Down A Journal:

long haul flight

To do journaling all you need is pen and a notebook. You can do so much with a notebook, like re-evaluating your goals and resolutions, creating a mind map of your ideal self, answering creative writing prompts, planning your next big career move, and more. To most of the people journaling is the number one reason to reach their goals. Also hey, doodling mandalas is a lot of fun. No?

4.  Read News & Articles:

long haul flight

Reading your favorite news sites or blogs is fun and once you start reading, you get so indulged that time doesn’t feel long. By using Safari or Chrome browser on your iPhone you can easily open an article and then add it to your reading list. Or there is another easy way to read articles offline while in the air, you just have to open tabs on your browser before boarding. That way you will be able to see and read everything on page.

3.  Discover New Music:

long haul flight

Do you listen to the same album or regular radio charts every day? Well let’s make long haul flights an awesome opportunity to discover some new music that you might will love? Since you have minimal distractions while on flights, the best practice is to make a playlist on your chosen music platform. Add those songs that you have been meaning to listen for a long time and you didn’t get time or recommendations from your friends. Listening to music has been proven a great stress reliever too, hence, long haul flight will not feel long haul anymore.

2.  Get Productive:

long haul flight

Relish your free time on flights by catching up on tasks as long haul flights are an ideal time to get productive. There are fewer distractions when you fly so either read up on something, write on deadline, and clean up your phone by freeing up some memory and more. So, while on way to your dream getaway, get busy being productive and free your mind of any leftover work before reaching your destination ready to enjoy.

1.  Make friends:

long haul flight

One of the secreted joys of flying some people don’t discover is the power of being in conversation with new people. You never know that your fellow passengers might as well be of same mind set as you, after all you guys have chosen to visit the same destination, right? So turn to your neighbor and introduce yourself as this can be a great time to talk to some fascinating people from different walks of life.

Hey Buddies!! So before going to your next haul flights don’t forget to have a sneak peak to my tips for long flights. We can’t wait for your favorite survival essentials from our bucket list and ads on to this we are more excited to get into know about what is your best travel pillow for long haul flights? Do share your opinions!