The Most Astonishing Train Rides in the World

Traveling mediums are getting better and better as the day and age progresses. But nothing beats the class and joy of a train journey then anything. A plane can get you at your destination faster than anything, but a train will give you a chance to enjoy the travel and its true romance. Just the thought of window-side sightseeing opportunities is enough to travel via train apart from all its amenities. Nowadays, trains are getting more luxurious and providing great experience to its travellers.

We are here to let you know about the most astonishing and magical train rides in the world. So, here starts our journey…..

11. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Colorado USA

The yellow passenger cars of the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

This train ride has enriched history getting back to its completion in 1882. For almost 150 years, it has retained the trust of travelers. Previously constructed for the purpose of hauling silver and gold from the mountains of Colorado, it now allows passengers to have a breathtaking journey. Using a steam locomotive, the 45.5 mile route provides you with one of the best train experience of your lives. The train on its route travels alongside the Animas River, San Juan National Forest and glimpse of wildlife including black bears, deer and lion.