The 10 Most Breathtaking Swimming Pools in the World

When you decide to travel, you naturally tend to think about a lot of things. You are thinking about the places you are going to see, the cultures you might be experiencing, the famous landmarks coming in your way, and some other thoughts about spending your money. But travel isn’t really about all these thinking, it is also about being able to pick up your feet and relax. So, when the question of relaxation arises nothing even come close to the likes of having access to an amazing hotel or resort pool. Provided you’re shelling out at least a little bit of coin, you should have access to a nice pool in which to cool off and float around.

While mostly the hotel pools are adequate, there are always some which stands out. It is to those kinds of pools we are getting your attention on. When the vacation time come, you should involve yourself in one of these amazing pools we are about to present you. Here goes the list of the most stunning pools around the globe….

10. Holiday Inn (Shanghai)

Well, some would say that it is the scariest swimming pool ever. But to us, it’s a pool of utter joy and remarkable experience. Perched on the floor of Holiday Inn, this pool is 100 feet long and amazingly suspended over the edge. Hotel guests and visitors can stare through the glass bottom on the road 24 stories below. If you wouldn’t expect this pool on the list, perhaps you should pay a visit and your money will be well spent.

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