The 10 Best Airports in the Entire World

Airports are the symbol of countries. They are the first thing that a traveler will experience. If the first impression isn’t good then the visitors will not be satisfied. Travelers from round the globe will probably agree on one thing which is the high quality of airports. Because usually dealing with them creates a lot of mess. It can be a pain in neck for the travelers if they are dealing with poor airports. This is an accepted fact that many of the world’s busiest airports don’t care about the people passing through them. They have a lot more to think about. All the things set aside; the question of getting through security is the absolute worst one.

But there are many airports which do care about their visitors and make brilliant arrangements for them. That is why the airport awards takes place every year. So, what are those airports and where are they located? This is the question we will be answering in this article. Let’s count them down….

10. Helsinki Airport

The largest airport of Finland, Helsinki airport is the best for long layovers. You can make purchases at low prices, and enjoy world class restaurants but most of all; it provides the best airport place for resting. It provides sleep pods for visitors to get some much needed sleep. It has recently received “ASQ Award” for the best customer experience in Europe. It is an important gateway for European travelers on their way to Asia.