11 Safety Tips For A Female Solo Traveler

We are well aware that one of the major concerns for to be solo female travelers is safety. Especially for women, question cross the mind that is it possible for women to travel the world safely? Well yes sure! About half of business travelers are women and you sure can travel safe even if you don’t speak the local language or if you are travelling to developing countries alone.
Can I stay safe on my own in the new country? What if I get lost and won’t be able to find my back home? Many questions like these are likely to cross your mind as you consider to take a solo trip as a female traveler. But let us tell you that it’s completely fine to be nervous before heading somewhere new. Because of a lot of unknown factors your brain might create the worst case scenarios that are not likely to happen and it’s just in your mind. So, don’t let your solo travel fear keep you from missing out on incredible and beautiful experiences.
Prioritize your safety by following below mentioned safety tips for solo female travelers around the world.

11.  Research your destination:

Always start with research first. Do research, find and learn everything you can about the country you are going to visit. Go through stories on blog posts, follow social media travel groups and ask questions on famous travel forums. If you have any query, you can also ask questions from other solo female travelers about their experience of visiting that country.
Read about weather, current situations, political unrest, cultural norms, scams and other all helpful things about the country before visiting. Don’t let the scary thoughts and fears get on your nerves, rather believe and prepare for a smooth travel.

10.  Opt for a careful accommodation:

When it comes to accommodation you will have plenty of options to choose from in adequate budget. Being known that you have plenty of safe and affordable options, always go for social accommodation in populated areas and check verified reviews about the place. You can also be perfectly safe staying with a host family or in a hostel. Some hostels offer only women accommodations so you can also choose that. Consulting with fellow travelers and seek advice from them can also guide you a lot in choice of your stay place.

9.  Dress appropriately:

If we say dress like a local, it’s highly debatable and yes everyone should dress like the way they are comfortable and want to but somehow, it isn’t realistic.
You must dress like a local when necessary if you want to blend in. It’s advisable to research prior before travelling about their norms and cultural customs. In order to be respected, it’s essential to pay your respect to the local customs and modesty levels.
Moreover, by dressing like a local you can also avoid to some extent the drawn attention to yourself when you want to be left alone.

8.  Don’t mention your stay place:

If you are travelling alone and you meet people randomly, do not tell where you are staying especially if you don’t feel like telling and are uncomfortable.
Feel no pressure and trust us that no one really needs to know where you are staying or the name of your accommodation. Apart from this, if you make sudden plans to meet someone, meet them at a local point or social attraction.
Mostly nothings happen but hey, a little self-safety measure can never go wrong, right?

7.  Join a day city tour:

You are travelling to a new country you have never been there before, we suggest you to join a day tour. There you will meet other travelers and get to know the insights of the city. It is quite a safe way and you will get to visit new places and do exciting activities. This day tour will allow you to familiarize with the area and also majorly help you get comfortable touring alone on your own later.

6.  Good to have a backup:

For a safe side, always make copies of your important documents including but not limited to your passport, identity card, insurance cards and carry them with you wherever you go. You don’t necessarily have to keep your identity card or passport all the time with you, rather you should keep the copies.
You are suggested to keep electronic copies of your documents as well if in the worst case scenario you lose the hard copies. In fact take pictures of your documents, save them in your phone and just to be more careful upload those to a secured cloud server.

5.  Stay connected:

It is real important to make sure your family and friends are updated about your whereabouts. So they should know of your itinerary that where will you be at any given time. If you change your plans and it happens, then make sure and don’t forget to inform someone back at home. You can also check-ins and update some information on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. and that way you don’t have to check in with your family or friends most of the time as through social channels they will get to know you are safe wherever you are. By staying in touch they will be able to locate you easily if you get in some trouble.
Also, please note that having an emergency contact information on you all the time is always a good idea.

4.  Local emergency numbers:

Upon arrival, always look up for the local emergency numbers or ask the front desk of your hotel. There are also many applications which provide emergency numbers of the respective countries from all over the world. You might not to need these numbers but it is always smart to be prepared prior in case you need it.

3.  Fake it till you make it:

Feeling scared or confused on your first solo trip is quite normal but make sure it does not show on your face. Do your best not to show because if you look nervous, frightened and scared you become easy target and people can get advantage of you. Walk with purpose and confidence, look people directly in eyes and be utterly aware of your surroundings. Walk with your head up like you know where you are going.

2.  Lie if you have to:

Do not appear to be travelling alone. We repeat never tell anyone that you are travelling alone. If someone approaches and ask you if “this is if your first time here? “Always respond with “No. We visit often, we love it here.” The stranger might be courteous and genuine but its okay you do not need to advertise your solo travelling.

1.  Trust your intuition:

Developing good instincts really help you as a solo traveler. Be positive and don’t assume that everyone is out there to get you. It is so important to trust your intuitions so stop worrying about what people will think. Just be nice when it’s justified and choose safety when it is not. If something or someone doesn’t give you the right vibe, then say no, avoid and walk right away. Always always listen to your instincts, it can steer you in the right direction.