10 Tips That Really Work to Overcome Jet lag

You know that feeling when you step off the plane, full of excitement after a long flight but then suddenly you just get this a lot of fatigue feel? You just want to crash in your bed but it’s the lunch time in your new destination. How ‘bout that? Hello jet lag!
Moving through time zones can cause disruption in our bodies, leading to extreme fatigue along with indigestion, bowel problems, loss of appetite, loss of memory, sleeping disorder and concentration issues. Sounds rough, right? These are the common effects of jet lag but different people can be affected in different ways. The more time zones you cross, the more stops you make, the worse it gets.

Learn below the helpful tips that will aid you to prevent jet lag.

10.  Get a night sleep before your flight:

People often do a big mistake that is either they do not get a good night sleep before they fly rather in excitement they just sleep for a few hours before a long flight or they think not getting enough sleep before will help them sleep through the flight. Well, no this don’t happen like that. Big mistake. Changes to your routine will just make it harder to adjust to so get a good night’s sleep before your flight because this way you will be better equipped to cope with jet lag.