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  • 20 Ultimate Carry on Essentials You Need On a Flight

    Do you dread plane rides? There are things you can keep with you to make your flight as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Your comfort on a flight begins with how you pack your carry-on luggage. Pack your clothes, shoes, and misc. items in your checked luggage, whereas things that are of real value or […]

  • Long haul flight

    10 Best Tips To Survive a Long Haul Flight

    Long haul flights, some people love them, while others loathe them but long flights should not have to be something to be dreaded. You can actually enjoy the flight time if you plan ahead and prepare your air time properly as you prepare your travel itinerary. What to do on a long flight? What if […]

  • smart travel tricks

    Top 10 Secrets of Smart Traveler

    Are you Smart Traveler? What do you think travelling is to you? We believe it is much more than just touring the highlighted attractions. It’s a journey of discovery, either a journey of self-discovery or journey of discovering cultures and heritage. We do know that you might think that travelling is simpler enough as it […]


    11 Safety Tips For A Female Solo Traveler

    We are well aware that one of the major concerns for to be solo female travelers is safety. Especially for women, question cross the mind that is it possible for women to travel the world safely? Well yes sure! About half of business travelers are women and you sure can travel safe even if you […]

  • 6 Things Not To Do While Traveling

    6.  DON’T BE A PLANE FREAK: Traveling is already a fancy affair. One has to save for months or even years to be able to travel. Air traveling cost is one of the bigger expenses that a person has to face while traveling. If you can avoid taking the plane by traveling through a bus, […]

  • 11 Helpful Steps To Plan Your Next Getaway

    Do not know what to consider or from where to start planning a trip? Planning a long trip can be an apprehensive task and most of the time it gets overwhelming and time-consuming. If you are not a seasoned traveler and about to travel first time, so many valid questions can cross your mind like […]

  • These 9 Things Must Do While Traveling

    9.  TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER: When you land in a foreign land, no matter how much you have pre-read about the place, the fear of unknown kicks in. It is usually a good idea to go to the nearest tourist information center and get all the required information about the traveling means and the best route […]