Amazing Campsites Where You Can Spend Under Stars

Summer season is here and it’s the best time to experience something different. Spending night in a campsite and enjoying the beauty of shining stars is a great idea to make your summer nights full of fun. So, get ready and start packing your bags and grab a thermal sleeping bag to visit a campsite and enjoy nature at its fullest as we are going to share the details of some amazing campsites where you can spend night under bright stars. Without any further ado, let’s check out the list we have made for you.

  1. Boya Lake Provincial Park, Canada

This awe-inspiring lake is a second to none campsite due to its beauty and camping facilities. Boya Lake came into existence in the result of glaciers melting process that continued over centuries. The water of the lake changes colors and gives a clear reflection due to the presence of slits and broken shells beneath it. You won’t disappoint for choosing this campsite if you are an adventure lover as there are two different hiking trails available which vary in complexity. These tracks let you test your capabilities and you can explore them with a bike or a kayak.

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