11 Worst Types of People to Travel with

Can you like travel with everybody? Let’s be real. No!
Is there anything worse than being in your dream destination with a nightmare of a person? A wrong travel partner or group can really mess with your trip and ruin it. Unluckily if you have this experience then you can relate with this writing. Yes it is not easy finding your ideal travel buddy and this may be the reason that you end up as a solo traveler. Sometimes those people are not bad as a person but few factors like foreign languages, unfamiliar surroundings or other reasons tend to make them pettish.

Here is the list of really annoying travel partners you want to punch in the face right after the trip is over, but you can’t. Oh well.

11.  They only want to eat junk food that too from McDonald’s:

That is really disappointing like did you really fly all the way across the world to eat the same food at the same restaurant which you can find on every corner in your country? You should try eating that local foods and spices from their street towns – not happy meals!