10 Things You Must Do in Scotland

You know, for a small country, Scotland does have a lot to offer. Scotland is famous for its warmth and generosity. There is much more to it then only enjoying the charms of Edinburgh. Once you go to Scotland, you might be experiencing many unexpected things that will make your trip memorable.

So, Should we have a go at it? I think we should! Let’s find out what to expect from this beautiful country.

10. Have a go at Falconry

Have you ever heard about “Falconry”? It’s the art of bird training. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It is something incredibly special in Scotland. What you can do is to literally make birds of all kind fly to your hand from nowhere. It is an experience you won’t have anywhere else in the world. So, train birds and have a time of your lives. Not to forget, it also makes a perfect Instagram photo if you are a Instagram lover which I’m sure you are.