10 Most Famous Unfinished Landmarks in the World

The world is full of landmarks that serve as a crown for a country. These landmarks are not only proud for the nation but also serve as a great tourist attraction. Not only has it taken millions of dollars, it also take years of hard work to complete a building, a landmark or a monument. It can sometimes take some lives as well on its building phase. It is strange that sometimes all your efforts go not in vein exactly but it doesn’t bore fruit so landmarks are left unfinished. There are many reasons for that including lack of funds, lack of manpower, or even the death of those involved in construction. Some of the landmarks in the world are beautiful just the way they were left. These landmarks are so beautiful even they are not complete that they deserve a visit.

Here, we present you the ten most famous unfinished landmarks in the world. Have a look at them and don’t miss them when you have the opportunity to visit.

10. Crazy Horse Memorial

The Black Hills of South Dakota has a carving which is known as the Crazy Horse Memorial. This project was started in 1948 by sculptor KorczakZiolkowski and he worked on it till his death in 1982. By the 1990s, Crazy Horse’s head had begun to emerge from the Black Hills. The head is 22 stories tall. Over the last seven decades, crews have blasted and hauled millions of tons of rock from the site. The entire carving will be more than 64 stories tall, and Crazy Horse’s eyes alone are 5 meters (17 ft) wide. It could take another several years to complete it.

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