10 Bridges Built by Ancient People Still in Use Today

There are many buildings in the world that are very historical but survived to the modern day. When we think about these buildings, we think of structures like the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Pyramids. But there are certain structures on this planet that are still in their original use today, what about those? It is true that they are wonderful visitor attractions till date. While most of the ancient structure are enjoying their second life as tourist spot, the humble bridges are still maintained and in use till date. Due to being built to last, there are many bridges in this world that were made by the ancient and still in daily use. While old bridges often get destroyed in disasters, blown up in wars, or burned down in tragic accidents, the bridges in this list have survived the ages relatively unchanged.

Here are the 10 bridges built by the ancient coming your way. Have a look at them and don’t miss theme when you got chance to visit their home countries.

10. Pons Fabricius

The romans were the pioneers of this bridge. The romans built many structures that stood ahead of time and still stand to this day. The Pons Fabricius is one of the examples of roman structures standing this day. This bridge was built by Lucius Fabricus in 62 BC. It might have been the addition of the small arch on the bridge which serves the purpose of relieving pressure during high waters. That alone probably helped the bridge survive as long as it has. After the flood of 23 BC, certain adjustments were made in it to preserve it.

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