10 Best Places to Travel in 2019

2019 has arrived with all its expectations. It means that travel loving blokes will be finalizing there plans for this year. We know that people have tough times for planning about the best places they can visit this year. So that’s why the annual list keeps getting bigger. We have asked our team of writers and global partners to guide you people about the destinations that are likely to become the hot trends this year. Finally we are arrived with a list of destinations based on new hotels and attractions, easier access and other aspects.

The interesting thing is that this list is no particular order and you people will decide that for us. We are expecting strong reactions from you people after visiting the places we are about to mention. So, here goes…..

1. Douro Valley, Portugal

Portugal has finally becoming one of the top notch destinations on the planet. Seems like everybody is interested to have a visit to this beautiful destination. There is a lot Portugal has to offer other than sunny and scenic imaginations. Last year Portugal has seen a 10% rise in tourist’s visits and this number is expected to go higher this year as well. Especially the US citizens are taking more interest in it. Well good news for them that the airline TAP Portugal has now offering many direct flights to and from USA. Apart from other magic place in Portugal, people have started to show keen interest in Douro Valley and rightly so. The places offers gorgeous winding river bends, vineyards and hilltop castles. It is quite astounding that this corner of Europe hasn’t taken off sooner.