10 Best Must Visit Lakes in the World

The world is full of magical places. These magical places are the main reason for the beauty of this planet. Once you get to those places, you just fall into their magic and left the world behind. These places have the capability that they make you forget all your worries and problems. They help you in felling what you actually are. There are many aspects of beauty of this planet and lakes are certainly one of it. They enhance the beauty of every area they are located at. These lakes are the most beautiful, spectacular and wonderful places in the entire world. Sometimes, when you look at their photos, it feels like these pictures are photo shopped or as if they were taken from a fictional movie. Trust me; these are all real and waiting for you to experience them.

Here, we present you a list of the most stunning lakes on this planet. Go visit them yourself. I am sure this list will convince you visiting it.

10. Crater Lake, South-Central Orego


Have you ever heard about Crater Lake National Park? This Park is in South-Central Oregon. The Crater Lake is actually the jewel of this national park. It is the main attraction of this wonderful tourist destination. The Crater Lake has the specialty that it is probably the bluest lake on this planet. Geologists believe that this lake was formed some 7000 years ago when the volcano Mount Mazama collapsed. The other interesting thing about this lake is that it is entirely based on rain water and not connected to any river. It is also the deepest lake in United States.

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